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JoAnn Spreen

Women at Ground Zero: 
Stories of Courage and Compassion

Available direct from the authors
(707) 874-9223
$19.95  Softcover edition signed by both authors
$  5.05  Sales tax, shipping and handling  (allow 10 days for delivery) 
$49.95  Limited hardcover edition signed by both authors
$  5.05  Sales tax, shipping and handling (allow 10 days for delivery) 

To order by phone:

  • Please call (707) 874-9223.
  • Have your Visa or Mastercard number (and expiration date) ready.

To order by mail:

  • Make checks payable to "Women at Ground Zero."  
  • Indicate any special requests for inscription.
  • Include your name, telephone number, and shipping address. Mail to:
  • Women at Ground Zero Project
    P.O. Box 443
    Graton, CA 95444

To order online:

  • New and used softcover and hardcover editions are available from Amazon or Barnes&Noble.

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