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Susan Hagen and I — the authors of Women at Ground Zero — invite readers to place any comments, questions, or thoughts they may have for the women in the book, at this site. We will make sure to let them know when anything is written for or about them in this guestbook. Thank you for your support of this book, and especially, your acknowledgement of these women who gave so much on 9/11.
- Mary Carouba
Santa Rosa CA USA

Refreshing to find research launched upon with such passion. I look forward to seeing the book.
- Franklin Bonner
Denver CO USA

So many books have already come out on this topic (September 11) , that it was seeming like an endless deluge. But then, when you look at the whole collection of writings – each from a different perspective – you end up with a very informative WHOLE view. Your book looks to provide a very valuable piece of this whole.
- Deanna Ryan
Tallahassee FL USA

I received my book quickly after ordering and I love the book so much I am going to do a book review in my community section of the local newspaper. Very well edited and it is a quality book. Thanks authors for your contribution.
- Vicki Coker
Livingston Tx USA

Dear Susan & Mary, I want to thank you for this wonderful and historic collection of stories from 33 heroic women of NYC. This will certainly help the visibility of women serving in Public Safety positions throughout our Country. "Women at Ground Zero" saddens me and inspires me.......these women are very special and utterly amazing.
- Lt. Jan Rader
Huntington WV USA

Thanks for this important book. The photographs are so powerful! I'm disappointed that the print quality is so poor. I think the photos are what really make a book like this.
- margaret anderson
Berkeley CA USA

I think that this book is great and everyone should buy it!
- Alli
truckeeca Ca USA

During June I had the pleasure of meeting some 9/11 heros and even though they were men, I cant say in any words how in awe I am. I wish there had been soem of the women in that group, their strength and courage tells all of us never give up never give in. Im gonna go get your book as soon as I can.
- Carey Walke
Milwaukie OR USA

Susan & Mary...Just heard your story on MSNBC/Ashleigh Banfield. I wanted to tell you that I was touched by your extremely unselfish act. To tell the story of our Brave sisters is to be commended!! I'm looking forward to getting the book and reading every story. Again, THANK YOU for recognizing and honoring those women...We owe them and you a big THANKS.
- Debbie
San Diego CA USA

Shame on me for not knowing, or more importantly, realizing that, of course, there must have been women at Ground Zero doing everything that the men were doing. It boggles the mind that everyone from the Mayor to the President kept saying our brave men. How could they not have just added "and women". I'll be ordering 4 of your books for myself and the people I work with in the hopes that they will pass this important book on and enlighten others like me who thought that they already were enlightened! Thanks Susan and Mary.
- Gib Schauer
Huntington Beach Ca USA

Dear Susan & Mary, I just saw your story on MSNBC, and experienced a wave of feelings from relief to gratitude to awe. I believe that our girls and young women need strong role models and heroes. We also need the truth to be told. It's sad that it had to take two women outside of NY to see something lacking; a half-truth told order to finally report the whole truth. Our media should have been responsible enough to take on that task. Thank you from another woman .. thank you from a mom. Yours truly, Nancy Becker Bithorn (mother of Kristen & Joe)
- Nancy Becker Bithorn
Rochester NY USA

I am really happy that somebody made a book about the women at Ground Zero. Somebody had to write a book about them and I'm happy it was you. I am really looking forward to reading your book when it comes out. It looks really good.
- Selma
Carpentersville IL USA

What a wonderful book! I can hardly wait to read it. All through the coverage of 9/11, I don't remember any women being named. These ladies deserve their honor of "hero" thank God for women like them and for both of you for bringing their stories to our attention!
- Pamela Brown
Terre Haute IN United States

Having watched you two authors tell your story of the sacrifice, dedication and courage of the brave and heroic women, who took part in the Sept. 11 rescue operations in New York City, I'm now ashamed of the men, who very wrongly ignored the wonderful contribution of all those women on that extremely sad day for our country!! They should never be forgotten ever!!!!
- Frank C. Odom
Atthens GA USA

Thank You.
- Crystal Ekhart
bremerton wa. USA

Thank you for your book.  I look forward to presenting it to my best friend, Sgt. Bonnie Ruth Darden, who was also an inspiration to other women when she responded immediately to the crash at the Pentagon without regard for her own personal safety.  Thank you, great lady authors.  You did a fine job!  And thanks, too for trying to help the women recover from symptoms of PTSD and depression by bringing them to Sonoma County.  Bless you both.
Falls Church VA USA

About Damn Time!! Susan and have done a great thing in rounding out the Circle Of Hero's by bringing the stories of these courageous women to us all. I not only intend to buy myself a copy...but copies for many of my friends and family as well. Thank you so much!
- Regi Collins
Seattle WA USA

I'm looking forward to seeing your book. I (a woman) was also at the site for 9 months. While the workers were mostly men there were a lot of incredible women there as well.
- Lisa
New York NY USA

It is amazing what you are able to share with us, through this book, about these incredible women of 9/11. It reinstills in us what we know to be true already... the unconditional love, compassion, determination and fortitude women hold within themselves. Thank you for taking the time to put together this historical piece.
- Lynda Strait
Onalaska Tx USA

My daughter and I want to THANK YOU for doing a good thing. My husband is in the Military so we know women are STRONG. We will read this together and we will never forget.
- Marie and Nikole

I have not read any books regarding the tragedies of September 11th. Yours will be the first. Thank you.
- Cindy
Buffalo NY USA

I wish that I could say that September 11 was a bad dream, but I can't. We know one of the women in your book, and are very proud of her. She ran to help, and ran for her life as the first building came down next to her. She went to the hospital for treatment and went back to work as though she hadn't been touched by what she had just been through. Our world has a need, and are very thankful for women that put themselves into what was once a man's world. Thank you for bringing them to the front lines as all of them should be! May God keep them all safe, Men and women alike!
- Dorothy Rudick
Port Charlotte Fl USA

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank both of you for making these women known.I have read your book and I thought it was great.My husband will be reading it next.We are both firefighters in our township and coming from a female I can appreciate what you are doing.We do not always receive the recognition we deserve.Fire does not discriminate between gender,so therefore,the women at Ground Zero deserve to be recognized.There to are heroes and I look up to them as role models for myself.I will be sharing your book with another female firefighter at my station.I applaude you for all that you are doing.Thank you again.That just doesn't seem to be enough.Kim
- Kim Figueroa
Pennsauken NJ USA

Thank you ~ even those of us that consider ourselves aware of women's issues ~ didn't "think"!! Thank you for thinking, feeling and expressing this portion of the story. I look forward to sharing many copies of the book with many friends! Karen
- Karen Sulprizio
Venice FL USA

I hope and pray that God stays with these women, to give them the courage and strength that they will need throughout there lives.
- Mary Quinn
Orlando Fl USA

I saw your story on MSNBC and felt so inspired by what you have done. I'm going to school this fall to become an EMT and have felt so discouraged about being a female in a world that society makes seem like it is for men. Then when i heard about your book it was like God sent me a message to let me know that I will be able to acomplish my dream of being a paramedic some day. I want to say thank you for your inspiration and more so thank you to all of the rescue workers who have helped in this horrible tragedy. I admire everyone of you female rescue workers.
- Tara Machnicki
Lake Havasu City AZ USA

Susan and Mary, your book is in-friggin-credible! Thank you taking that step which so many of us didn't. We were all disappointed with the media coverage, and you did something about it. You two are awesome and your book is the absolute best! God Bless the Women at Ground Zero and God Bless you!
- Chief Susan Jones
Healdsburg CA USA

Hey Chief, Are you sure you're not from NY??
- Carey Policastro

These courageous stories have made me proud to be serving my country and even more proud to be a woman. Thank you for all of your time and effort in bringing these lives into our hearts.
- Jenn McCulloch
Newquay United Kingdom

Women have always made strong contributions throughout our wonderful country's history, but were often overlooked. It is due to authors such as yourselves that women are represented in history for all generations to appreciate, honor, and respect. God bless you for your sensitivity and insight in recognizing these courageous women!
- Julia Forbus
Ft. Pierce FL USA

Dear Susan and Mary: Thank you for writing a book about the Women at Ground Zero. I have shown your website to All the Women at Work...All of us are Proud of You and the Courageous Women at Ground Zero. I knew a Paramedic at Ground Zero who lost her Emergency Vehicle and escaped with her life . . . an email friend of my daughters. I just received your book and started reading. . .Tears and admiration came to my eyes and heart for all the Women At Ground Zero. God Bless All
Miami Fl USA

Thank you so much for giving all these amazing women the recognition and praise they deserve. Their invisibility and being ignored by the media is pouring salt in a wound. You gals made it right. Pro-woman does NOT mean anti-male.

There was a photo book of FDNY that came out after 9/11 and was passed around the stations called "brotherhood" . Nice book but not inclusive, the title alone tells you that. Still I looked through the book seeking a woman's face, not one...not even in a group shot, not one. How could they slap these women in the face like that  (and really all women FFs).

Of course I feel for the men, they are my brother firefighters, but the women, they were there too. It was the Dec.issue of MS. magazine that gave a tribute and names to the 3 women rescuers who died there. The women shed their blood, sweat and tears on the pile too and were ignored.
I know we live in a society that is petrified of women's power so it is denied and suppressed, but like it or not it is there, it exists. Women are strong, are brave, are firefighters.
You dared to show the world the truth and the truth shall set us free!
Thankyou and rock on!

- FF/ENG.Bonnie Marcinkiewicz BAMFIRE@WEBTV.NET

as the domestic partner of one of these brave women in your book, i want to thank you again for telling their stories. your book honors all women from sept. 11, and you both did a truly amazing job. thanks. g
- geralyn
bayshore ny USA

All women in non-traditional jobs will love this, even if we don't do the brave and hard kind of work you do. God bless you both. Pastor Mary
- Mary Sanders

Bravo! I applaud your efforts in acknowledging these incredible women for all that they are. The events of September 11th touched us all on such a deep level. I am able to heal by sharing this tragedy with these women.
- Debbie Bellman
Santa Rosa CA USA

Powerful. Thank you Suze and Mary. For me, for my daughters, Krissy and Robin, my granddaughter Kate, and even my 88-year-old mom, Louise.
- Kathy Hamilton
Oakland CA USA

( Women at Ground Zero).A very Excellent book an expiring to all of us.Im very proud of my cousin (MERCEDES RIVERA)And all women who was on the job.They are the real heroes.thank you for sharing there stories with us.God bless them all.From Elvis Rosa..

You are two of the strongest, most courageous women I have met! Your personal stories and those you document are awe inspiring - and - scary and necessary! Hope to get you on Michael Krasny (KQED, SF), KGO (largest TV audience in Bay) and will seek grant money for you. Quite a treat to get paid a bit to write about your writing about great women...
- Connie Madden
Petaluma CA USA

Susan and Mary- As a San Francisco firefighter, we were doubly frustrated. We felt so far away from the East Coast-and later, with all the media coverage, felt frustrated that there was no mention of female emergency service workers. I realized how demoralized many of my co-workers felt, to know that the job we are doing is ignored, and that we don't exist. Thank you for letting our stories come out, and helping to bring us back up into the light of the day. I look forward (as do many of my SFFD co-workers) to meeting you both in September and the FDNY/NYPD/EMS Workers in November.
- Christine Williams
Santa Rosa CA USA

Thank you, Susan and Mary. As a 15-year member of the fire service, I have felt nearly invisible since 9/11. I've always worked in community education, never as a line-firefighter, but I've been proud to wear the uniform and do my best to save lives in my own way. Unfortunately, I'm embarrassed that my department has never hired a female firefighter and I, too, have felt invisible since 9-11. A large banner on one of our fire stations proclaiming "God Bless Our FDNY Brothers" is a constant reminder that we've taken a giant step backward. I received my copy of "Women at Ground Zero" yesterday and showed it to our chief, who expressed interest in reading it when I've finished. Though I don't often lend out my favorite books, I made a point of finishing it this morning so that I can pass it on to him today. Again, thank you.
- Carol Rea

I just ordered your book because I want to show my fellow teachers and my family that we women are very much a part of the fabric of this country. Thank you!
- M.C. Hummel
St. Louis MO USA

Mary & Susan, The book is a true reflection of the dedication you both have shown in honoring the "Women at Ground Zero". As I opened the book and began reading about each individuals personal experience, I cried and cried and cried. It is not a a quick read but rather must be taken in small doses to be able to appreciate all that these women did for human kind. Every story touched me deeply and I can only thank you both profusely for finally allowing a place for my emotions to be. I look so forward to meeting you and these courageous women in November. You have my heart. Wendy
- Wendy Elkin
Mill Valley Ca. USA

As a woman firefighter, I was relieved and heartened to hear about this book. While all who served on Sept 11 deserve to be remembered, it's important for people to know that women were there, have served in the capacity of firefighters/EMS and will continue to serve. I hope the spirit of those who serve, both as career and volunteer fireighters, will continue even after this book. It would be wonderful to see more books out there about women in the field.
- Nikki Parker

As a former journalist and journalism teacher, I also was surprised — since journalism textbooks have for some time taught gender-neutral terms such as police office and fire- fighter  to only hear of policemen, firemen, etc., in coverage a year ago of the events of September 11. Hero can be a gender-neutral term, too. And I knew there were women working there, as a brother of mine who is a physician was trapped in NYC that week and said so, and a niece of mine who is a journalist was sent to cover Ground Zero and said so. So I was happy to hear of your book, saddening as your subject is. I also was moved by your interview on CNN this morning and found this website, so I can thank you. I also have shared the website URL (since we can't get the book in time for this September 11 to teach with it) with colleagues in Women's Studies at my campus, as some of us may find it a means to make the anniversary relevant to our coursework this week, as we mark the sad anniversary on our campus and will talk much of heroes who still make women's history. Thank you. Dr. Genevieve G. McBride University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
- Genni McBride
Milwaukee WI USA

I've been doing my best to avoid all the media hoopla of this anniversary, yet I was drawn to your story in today's SF Chronicle. I immediately ordered the book and am very anxious to read the stories of these amazing women. Thank you for realizing that their stories needed to be told, and that they should not be forgotten. I applaud you.
- J Villanueva
Concord ca USA

To all the women rescuers from ground zero. Thank you for your courages and strong action. You were able to help a lot of the victims. Your all heroes. This little message is to my cousin Mercedes Rivera, EMT. I am so proud of you. I love you. God bless you now and always.
- Nancy Rosa
Brooklyn NY USA

I was fortunate to have met the authors and 2 of the women interviewed and written about in the book at a recent function in WDC. My inspiration has fueled a fire to other women. I wonder if it is all possible for the women who are coming to CA in Nov to autograph several books and sell them to interested parties who are not able to make it to their function to meet them. Please consider this, and let us know. Thank you so very, very much.
- kay
washington dc USA

- Brenna
Sioux Falls SD USA

Im a firefighter from winston-salem NC. I was in the audience on Sept 11th. I am so glad that the two of you collaborated on such an important issue as the women at ground zero. All you ever hear about is us (men). And I think its a shame that more attention wasn't directed towards the women who showed great courage and gave their lives on that terrible day. I was happy to be in the audience with you all to share that experience...together. Chuck Goins WSFD ENGINE #9
- chuck goins
winston-salem nc USA

I live in Australia, and while I know that there are female police officer and EMS workers in NYC and all across America. I was convinced that for some reason there were no female fire-fighters...sounds strange, doesn't it  I am a very well informed, well educated individual, however given the media reporting of 9/11 had concluded that there couldn't be any women fire-fighters in NYC. I had to ask one of my American friends if this was correct. She told me quite emphatically there are female fire fighters, (a friend of hers is a battalion chief in California). So my search began for these "invisible" women of 9/11. My search led me to you. Thank you for writing this book. All too often, the role women play in history is never documented, therefore propagating the myth that we are passive observers, rather than instrumental in it's creation. As an ER nurse with an active role to play in disaster management. I applaud your book, and your effort. Please pass on my most sincere gratitude to the women of all Emergency Services that you are in contact with, those that worked so hard during the 9/11 disaster. Their compassion, bravery and tireless rescue effort should never be forgotten, and I for one, am glad to know that they are out there.
- Brenda Jones

On 9/07/02, I had the honor of meeting Sgt. Carey Policastro at a community event in the city of Healdsburg. She had a sparkling personality, and graciously signed my book and allowed me (the girl in chaps) to have my photo taken with her. Thanks Carey!...God Bless! ~Debra
- Debra Bennett
Santa Rosa Ca USA

Susan and Mary, I finished the book last night and had such a range of emotions while I read it - I agree with a previous comment that the book has a wholeness to it that I've not seen in any publication or documentary. The stories are powerful and moving - giving honor and respect to all that were there - civilians and public servants alike, those that died and those that survived. Thank you very, very much as your own stories are as inspiring as the women who were there. Katherine Ridenhour Vice-President, Women in the Fire Service, Inc.
- Katherine Ridenhour
Denver CO USA

Susan and Mary - Thank you for not letting these courageous women become invisible. Women have always been left out of the history books. Your contribution to history will ensure their contributions will be told and that will lead to the empowerment of women and girls.
- Susanne Otteman
Sonoma CA USA

Thank you Susan and Mary for bringing this important book to the world. But, most of all, thank you to all the women emergency workers who gave/give so courageously of themselves. What you all have been through is beyond what anyone should ever have to experience. I truly appreciate all that you do, and I am concerned for your health. I certainly hope that you utilize resources that are available to help you recover from such a traumatizing experience. You make me proud to be a woman. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
- Jacquee Ladrech jladrech@hotmail .com
San Rafael CA USA 

The following is an excerpt of a school paper written by a 16-year old high school student, in commemoration of the one-year anniversary of 9/11. This school paper was published in his local newspaper:

Today I woke up, knowing that the events that took place one year ago were going to reviewed. I still remember seeing the Trade Center hit the ground, it was a disturbing image. Many innocent people were killed, Trade Center workers, Police officers, Fire Fighters, Bystanders, Emergency Medical Technicians, and countless others. I have a lot of respect for everyone and I just wish I could tell everyone that. Everyone was very brave and did everything they could do. I recently read a book written by two of my mother's co workers, I believe the title was, "Women at Ground Zero". It is several biographies of women that were doing everything they could to help others. When I read the stories they really touched me, it is what really gave me a feel of what happened. And I really appreciate every one of the people, every one. Thank everyone for standing strong, and thank you all for everything that you have done. God bless every one of you. I just want to say to everyone that I love you as people and I hope your lives all turn out to be everything they should. Love life, love people, and take care.

Michael Bryant (16)
Laguna High School Student

Thank you so much for your articulate and direct approach! I know that I have felt so much frustration with the "invisible" presence that so many women felt through this entire media frenzy. The healing and strength that your book offers is outstanding. Thank you.
- Kristina Lemon

Thank you for being a vehicle for the voices of the, "Women at Ground Zero." Your words of wisdom bring hope to the World. Peace, Shekeyna Black
- Shekeyna Black

I've been reading the book bit by bit - all I can stand - and the stories are very powerful. I agree that these stories of women needed to be told. However, there is one group of women whose stories I wish had been represented - the women who were there as chaplains - at Ground Zero day after day ministering to the workers, and at the sites where debris was processed. One such woman, Sr. Cindy Catherine, O.S.H. (member of the Order of St. Helena - an Episcopal religious order) was formerly an EMT. She worked on the pile in the early days of digging - was one of those who feared for her own life and wrote her name on her arm in case she died! I don't fault the women you chose to include - just wish these others had been represented!
- Rev. Jocelyn Bell

I pre-ordered the book as soon as I heard about it! Couldn't wait to get it, but life got in the way and didn't have time to read it. Took "vacation" at the NJ Firefighter's Convention in September and read several chapters! You have done an amazing job recounting the stories that these courageous women lived through! None of the stories has a repetative feel as other media has seemed. Kudos to all of you, writer and writee!
- Laura Single
Ramsey NJ USA

Mary, Susan: Even after a year this event has made an indelible mark on my life - professionally and personally. As a police Sgt, I've been asked many times since this tragedy how I would have reacted...I can only hope I would have the bravery and tenacity that these women showed! Thank you for bringing us their stories and not sugar-coating the reality of what happened. May we never forget! S. Fox Oct 2002
- Sarah Fox
Tempe AZ USA

I must say your book really touched me. I got several of my teachers at school reading it, they love it as well.
- Mike Bryant
Sebastopol CA USA

Thank you both, so much, for such a tremendous book. I'm reading it now but can't read more than two or three sections at a time because of tears. It clearly gives people, not directly involved, a vivid picture of the devestation and emotions of everyone during that terrible time. I plan on giving this book to many friends and family members. Thank you, again, and God Bless you both!
- Judy Schuck
Prairie Village KS USA

This book is beyond words! The stories told in WAGZ really hit home. The media never came close to portraying what the book tells. Great job, Susan and Mary. I am looking forward to meeting the women in the book. Am passing the info along to everyone I can.
- Sue Rowland
Willits CA USA

Thank goodness we will hear about the women at ground zero. All the media would talk about is men. There are women firefighters and it is about time the world realized it!!!! Thank-you for the book.
Hanford ca USA

Thank you. I found that not one of the publications that I saw of the tragedy of 9/11 included any pictures of women. I found this unacceptable since I knew there were women involved on many aspects that day. I am truly saddened by the tagic loss of so many of our Brother firefighters who we all know were heroes. Thank you again for showing us the face of our hero Sister firefighters.
- Lt. Susan L. Warchola
Lancaster Pa USA

The women's stories have touched our lives and we will never forget what happened on that tradgic day. We look forward to meeting them when they come to Healdsburg. Thank you for your great heroism and bravery!
- Mollie and Kate or

My husband is in America on business this week and I asked him to bring me back a book about September 11th. After looking at numerous websites about books, I found yours and have to say that this is the book I want him to bring home for me. What a fitting tribute to some very brave and incredible women. I watched the terrible events on television in stunned silence, like the rest of the world, and the tears ran down my face. Thank you, for what I am sure is an amazing book. I look forward to reading it.
- Iris Perrin
Inverness Scotland U.K.

Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this book. And a special thanks to all the women who shared their thoughts, emotions and feelings with those of us who were not there. I look forward to meeting you in Sonoma, Nov. 10th.
- Katherine - SFFD

As an instructor of Gender Issues, this book was a godsend to me. I assign a number of exercises to my students in which they must look up names of women who have been overlooked in history and the contemporary media. There are now several more names to be added to the lists. Thank you for letting the rest of the country know that heroes also includes SHEroes!!!!
- Peggy Mott
San Antonio Tx USA

Carrry on with the wonderful work that you all do. Your book touched us all.
- Susie
Healdsburg CA USA

I recently attended a Soroptimist International District meeting . The women told us about your book I came home to Maui the book hasn't got here yet so I ordered it I hope it gets here soon... I want to show it to my fifth grade class J. Simanek Waiting on Maui
- J. Simanek
Kihei HHi USA

Hello to all the women who were at ground zero. I thank you for all you have done to help our world. God Bless you all! May you all live a happy life! You helped everyone that was in need. You women are brave, and loved by all. God Bless
- AnDrea 12 years old
Healdsburg CA USA

I was present at the presentation and fund raiser at the Parkpoint Club a month or so ago. I bought the book for my sister who lived in New York, but I thought I would just read a little bit of it before giving it to her when I see her next weekend. I thought that most of the stories would be similar and I could get the idea by just reading some of them. But, I would start reading and couldn't stop. Each story carried its own feeling, its own nuance of difference in the individual woman's experience. Every story was full of wisdom, courage, honesty, determination, caring. These women are an inspiration not just for other women but for all humankind. I was so moved by them and by your hard work to bring their stories to life. Thank you so much for creating such an important message.
    Unfortunately, I will be out of town during the time that the women will be in Sonoma County, so I will miss meeting them, but I hope you will let them know that they have had a profound effect on me and I'm sure on so many others. I know that my sister will love and appreciate the book as well and can't wait to give it to her.
    Thank you both for your hard work and your willingness to do it! Tell the women I hope they have a fabulous time in our beautiful county.
- Ellen B

I haven't read your book yet but am looking forward to it. What happened on that tragic day will live with us forever and I think that a book such as yours is going to remember all the people involved in the rescue and recovery operations that took place in the after-math of September 11th. Take Care and never take for granted what you have today for tomorrow, it may all be gone.xxxxLisa
- Lisa Garrow
Highlands of Scotland USA

Regarding Nov 10th: It was great meeting all of you wonderful women. You all did so much for everyone there, and I must say meeting you all was very inspiring. (a note to Mercedes- Thank you for the support on my writing, I am glad that my article touched you. Carey, it was wonderful meeting you, I will definitely keep in touch with you in e-mails, you and everyone else there were total inspiration to me. And to Mary, thanks for the compliment, but I must say that you are the one with the heart of a rescue worker.) I just want to thank everyone, and am glad to have met all of you. Take care, and God Bless
- Michael Bryant
Sebastopol; CA USA

THANK YOU for letting us all hear the stories of these women. I was at the book signing and everytime I was in front of one of the women I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. But it was an expierence I will never forget!
- Liz Stringfellow
Santa Rosa CA USA

I am 16 and I hardly ever read. I saw Ms. Hagan give a presentation on this book in my hometown and it really moved me. I read this whole book in a matter of days. These women really touched my heart and taught me that just because I am female doesn't mean I can't do difficult things. Thanks for making a book like this, it has really helped me to look in to the type of profession I would like to go into after high school. I was wondering, is there a way I could contact these courageous women to tell them thanks 
- Kim

Thank you Susan Hagen and Mary Carouba for such a wonderful tribute to those who served so faithfully during a very dark time in our nation's history. My mother directed me to your book saying, "your cousin Kally is in this book!" I was delighted and thrilled! My heart swelled with pride as I read your account of Kally's contributions. She is truly a remarkable woman. As soon as I arrived home I went on-line and ordered my own copy. Thanks again for giving us a book of heroes that I can show my daughter with pride.
- Ruth Tshudy
Lititz PA USA

It is 08:00 and we have just had the most beautiful sunrise here in Ohio. I have just now finished reading your wonderful book about the Stories of Courage and Compassion. Thank You!
I have been a nurse since 1978. In 1979, I began my career as an emergency department nurse. I took my EMT training in the fall of 1979, completed my basic fire training in 1980 and run with our volunteer fire department. I completed my paramedic training in 1983. Most recently, I have been the Trauma Program Manager at our local hospital, where I am a member of both our hospital and county Critical Incidence Stress Management Team. My husband is a firefighter/paramedic and has been an auxilliary deputy sheriff. I so enjoyed reading about all of the women you presented in your wonderful tribute. They sound like my kind of people. Your love and compassion is also evident in the way you presented their stories.
Thank You again for taking the time to write about these courageous women.  May God bless each and every one of them and both of you.
- Bridget Mary Geiger, RN, BS, CEN, EMT-P
Zanesville, Ohio

Dear Authors: I just want to thank-you for adding Major Molly Shotzberger to your book. I am glad that someone finally realized what a special person she is. In your book you call these women heros and I want you to know that she is my hero. You see you call her your friend but I get the honor of calling her mom. Thank-you for inculding my mom in your book
- sue Kolkmeier
Erlanger KY USA

I personally know one of the female firefighters lois mungay who is the highest decorated female firefighter and I feel that just to know her or be an acquantance of hers is truly an honor and priviledge.
- rose rotondo
new york ny USA

I had stated earlier in my first query that knowing firefighter Lois Mungay was an honor and priviledge, What i forgot to add is that her picture on the cover of "Women at ground zero" Truly captures the courage and Dignity of every firefighter in the united states. Louie,..just keep on being brave and God will see you through. You know me through a mutual friend(Roe Mandel)my name is Roe also, remember me 
- rose rotondo
new york ny USA

I just wanted to say thank you all,and you have my respect and deepest sympathy for those you lost, both near to you and strangers as well.You have eased the pain and confusion of many in your own ways. bless you all every time you get a call may god or whatever you believe be with you.All my love and respect.
- bethany heggen
desmoines ia USA

I just finished reading this wonderful collection of inspiring and thought provoking testimonials. Thank you for providing it. I have had the privilege of seeing the video produced by the NOW Legal Foundation at two different conferences, and heard the personal comments of Captain Terry Tobin. This book gives us better insight into the personal horrors and triumphs of 9/11.
- Cande Ackler
Sacramento CA USA

I have read many books concerning the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Yours was one of the best. I hope that all the survivors are continuing to do well.
- Rosie Scranton
Fort Wayne IN USA

As I watched the towers fall I gasped "what about the firefighters." As a retired volunteer, I knew they were deep inside these buildings and that many lives had been lost. I was supposed to fly to NYC on the 13th but my flight was cancled. I was so distraught about everything that I jumped into my car and drove instead. I had to be there. From that point on I have read everything I can get my hands on, watched every bit of television and video possible and cried a billion tears (I am still crying) for all of those brave souls lost. My biggest question from almost the beginning was what about the women. Certainly there had to have been numerous women present. My partner can tell you I did not stop asking this question. Finally, I saw the two of you on television talking about your book. I received it for a Christmas present and have yet to put it down. It is so compelling and so very real. I want to meet these wonderful women who so bravely faced hell head on and said Not Today. Bless you for following through on your gut feelings and finding these women and sharing their stories and letting us grieve their losses with them. This is by far the best book on September 11th that I have read. I am hoping one day to be in your audience to hear you speak either in NC or NYC. You ladies ROCK!! Thank you and bless you.
- Nickie Yow
Wilmington NC USA

A true book of courage and valor. I have been a forest firefighter and a volunteer firefighter as well as a member of a fire department support group. This book talks of sisterhood. I love this book. Thank you for writing it.
- Michael Singer
San Jose CA USA

I look forward to reading this book. I was a friend of Yamel Marino. We worked together on an ambulance in the Bronx. She was a beautiful person and a loving mother. Many days I think back to her and wish it was me in her place. There were not enough ambulances. We couldn't get down there to help. We were sent home to come back 10 hrs later to releive those who got down there. It never happened.
- Susan Vazquez
Middletown NY USA

I purchased this book last Saturday (2/22/03) and I just finished it yesterday. Most of the books I purchase take me about a month to read, but this book was so intriquing and emotional that I found it VERY hard to put down at night. I even took it to work with me on Thursday and Friday. I admire all of these women for what they did on that horrific day (9-11). I also admire the families of the ones who sacrificed their lives for alot of people for sharing their stories with us. I did not read one story without finding myself crying. Thank you all for Writing and publishing this book. I am going to share it with a lot of my friends and family. God Bless you all and God Bless America!!!
- Karen Hollandsworth
White Bluff TN USA

Susan & Mary - Thank you for having the courage to take a risk and put this book together. I purchased it when I attended your presentation and book signing recently which was sponsored by the Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek chapters of Soroptimist International. I was hesitant about going because I had recently lost my husband and was still feeling very shaky emotionally. However, it was important to me to attend because I felt it would be a way of honoring the women at ground zero - I like many others was frustrated and angered by the fact that the media overlooked the many women who put themselves in danger to help others. I made it through your presentation with fewer tears than I thought I would shed - this was because your story was very motivating and inspirational - even humorous at times. Thank you for doing something many others did not do. You are both an inspiration and a great example of what passion for something can achieve!
- debi
Martinez CA USA

Last night I attended a presentation with Susan Hagen and Mary Carouba. Honestly I wasn't expecting the be moved the way that I was and to the extent that I was. I was moved both by Susan and Mary for being so courageous and making this book to show everyone that women were there, and women were lost. When they started the slide show I choked up. I choked seeing a girl not much older then myself, who was lost. A girl that had a son, who worked so hard to be what she was, and to be taken in an instant doing what she loved. I brought my feelings home with me, and discussed this book, and presentation, with my boyfriend. He too was moved. Thank you so much to Mary and Susan. Thank you to the women you gave up a lot to save strangers. I hope that if I was ever there I could do that same. You are all my heros, and you make me so proud to be a women. God Bless
- Jodi Hance
Rohnert Park CA USA

The book was sensational and was sooo nice of women like yourselves to write a book about women at ground zero!! To me women are as important as men are in the fire service/Ems field as well.let us know of ways we can support the families of those who lost a loved one at the tradedy of WTC.for families of: Kathy Mazza, Moria Smith, and Yamel Merino... they will never be forgotten...They are the true hero's in my life and those of other women.may you continue to write other books about women who are in the fire service and are Paramedics...great job on this book! It should be a great read for everyone...great job!!
- Lisa Lawrence
Albany Mn USA

What happened on September 11th will never be forgotten but we have to move on and the best that we can do is keep the people's families who died in our hearts and souls and remember it could have happened to anyone of us.
- David Slutter
Coos Bay OR USA

Dear David,
It is true we have to move on, my heart goes out to those individuals that lost someone but the silent killer right now is all of the individuls who survived 9/11 and the illness that is killing, crippling and ending the careers of many.
Not many people want to face the reality of the suicides that have occurred do to the aftermath of 9/11, the broken homes, the personal struggles or physical consequences of being at "Ground Zero"!
9/11 has come and gone in many people's minds - it is about the "WAR", war is something that this country has engaged in for many centuries to keep our freedom but no one thinks about how we treat our veterans of "WAR" after the fact - at first they are hero's and then they are put to pasture to fight for their benefits or things they are entitled to - pretty sickening - I can empathize with the veterans!
So keep in mind those who continue to struggle and pray for peace!

- Bonnie

I was a woman at Ground Zero! I was the first female Volunteer Rescue Worker to arrive at Shea Stadium. I was asked a few times "Why are you here " I am a single mother with two beautiful children. They heard throughout the day that mommy might not have made it. We ALL have PTSD. I was out of the loop in terms of assistance because I was not on anyone's payroll (FDNY or NYPD). I am not alone in terms of not receiving assistance, debriefing, counseling and support. I moved to Oklahoma City and started over. It's been a long road. I KNEW NO ONE HERE and I am rebuilding my life. I am writing a book about my experience, the journey and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I WISH YOU PEACE. Reggie Cervantes
- Reggie Cervantes
Oklahoma City OK USA


I really loved this book sooo much to read about Women who are in the Fire Biz as well as Paramedics...Women deserve to be known like men are in the Fire/Ems did a terrific job writing the needs to seen more in Barnes and Noble and isn't here in Mn.and I would love to here more about the women from contact me about them being in the Fire/Ems field..I do want to connect up to you and talk more about the careers in that is where Iam going for this the Ems Field..let me here from Women who could be an asset for my career..Thanks to All who gave their lives to save others that day Sept.11,2001..Thanks for all women do..My prayers our with you everyday and too those loved one's who lost someone they love...again...Great Job on the book...Lisa
- Lisa Lawrence
Albany Mn USA

I havn't even read the book yet and I needed to say thank you for bringing up this topic. As a female FF/EMT, I feel on a local level, we (women) don't get enough credit when due.I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed.
- Amy Simmonds peskybrid@msn
prospect park pa USA

Mses. Carouba and Hagen, fellow readers: I'm glad to have stumbled onto this website and the knowledge of your book. I'll share with you something that weighs on my chest like a half-ton rock, but which I believe most readers of this site can handle, and maybe even be inspired to reach deeper into alreadyained pockets. Several months after 9/11, after having stewed on something I saw on television, an interview of two widows of attack victims, I finally decided to act. For a month I worked 16-18 hrs./dy., 7 dys./wk., and with $1000 I had already saved, was able to send a total of $5000 to one of those widows, because, like her, I was disgusted at the lack of hard cash coming at their most desperate hour of need (admittedly, my help was late in coming as well). The point of this note is to demonstrate that while most of America's truest men died 9/11, any who aspired to become true men would take the least of steps toward that honor and make a similar sacrifice. The stories of the women told on this site inspired me to write this. To be honest, I consider it shameful that we surviving men in America have not wiped out the financial burdens of the surviving families of attack victims. Perhaps it is the women who will.
- Frederick George Wilson

- gianni
florence it Italy

"Women At Ground Zero" was truly an inspirational book. I am going to be a paramedic someday here in Ontario. My thoughts are with those female rescue workers in NYC. You were brave, unselfish, and strong. I will try to visit New York someday. Best wishes from Canada.
- Dawnn
Ottawa ON Canada

Yamel Merino and I had been great friends and occasional partners at MetroCare Ambulance. I was her driver training officer...I was supposed to work with her 9/11. I still feel the guilt and pain over her death. Two years later, her death doesn't get any easier. I miss her terribly..She was a wonderful friend and partner. And I don't ever think I will ever get another partner as wonderful as she was. The job for me was never the same after 9/11. Sincerely, Virginia Cruz Formerly of MetroCare Ambulance
- Virginia Cruz
Highland Mills NY USA

Sending much love & blessings to bring peace & healing to all Hearts. It was an honor to meet you last November. Always remember you have family in California now. ++Elena++
- Elena Tarailo
Davis CA USA

Last night I was lucky enough to hear Mary Carouba speak....I'm also glad that I got to give Mary a hug, sometimes words fail. I came home and began reading "Women at Ground Zero", a few chapters and many tears later, I'm in awe. Mary and Susan thank you for writing such an important book that my daughter and I will both cherish for many years. We will pass it down to all the generations of women to come in our family. You have touched many with these brave women's stories and you have opened minds and hearts to the strength that lies in every woman. God Bless you both.
- Ann Blatecky
Danville CA USA

Women did serve at GZ as well as every other major emergency in NYC in modern times. The role of women is critical to public service. The ground zero association recognizes this contribution and honors the service given by women.
- T.Osborne
ny ny USA

I think your book is the most inspirational book ever. It made what happen an Sept. 11, 2001 real to me. I am thirteen, and hope that when I grow up I can have half as much courage as the women in your book. Thank You.
- Terra Heyniger
Santa Rosa CA USA

A powerful reading experience that I would recommend to anyone who is connected with emergency services. Thank you for making this book available.
The Last Alarm Internet Memorial
- Eric Bush
Houston TX USA

I think that this is a great thing that you have done. Bringing to people's attention that there were a lot of brave and dedicated ladies that did lose there lives on 9/11. It really says something about them, the fact they lost their lives trying to save someone else. That is what I call a hero.
- Asst Chief Rich Dodds
Imperial PA USA

Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful and varied stories from the women at Ground Zero. My friend's cousin, Moira Smith, lost her life on September 11, 2001 and your book helped me comfort my friend by knowing more about Moira's extraordinary life. Thank you.
- Tara Kirkpatrick
Mandeville LA USA

I pray that all of the women in this book know how much peace they gave to people in their darkest moments. Doreen Ascatigno and Sue Keane's stories moved me so deeply and I wish they knew how lucky people feel to have them serving and helping people in NY. You both, (and all the women in the book) teach us about loyalty, courage, and hope. If any people in this book need an ear to listen, please feel free to contact. Dana (volunteer counselor for four months at the Sacred Grounds)
- dana

There has been so much publicity on the Sept 11 tragedy, mostly covering our brothers who lost their lives, and I too have read them. I look forward to receiveing and reading this book. I too am a career female firefighter (the first in my County) and know all to well the struggles that face "Our" world and work place. Thank you for taking the chance, the risks, and strength to share your stories. Be safe and stay strong.
- Monica Deal
Hanover VA USA

- Kathy Anderson
Pittsburg CA USA

I've just read your book, mostly through tears. I am a nurse and like many people here, I felt so helpless being so far away & unable to help you all on Sept 11. Many of our fire fighters went over to help your, though, I understand. I have 2 sons & I can imagine the courage it took for all those involved to stay in such danger, knowing their children might not see them again. I was saddened to hear women still get such a raw deal in the USA, in male orientated jobs. Its not like that here. I reckon guys underestimate women at their peril!! I grew up farming & am in the Naval Reserve here, as a seaman. Girls can to anything in NZ. Go you USA girls! Thanks for a great book, too. My boys are reading it now! With love, Sarra
- Sarra Hunter-Weston
christchurch canterbury New Zealand

Recently I attended your presentation in Grass Valley CA and purchased 2 copies of your tribute to our feminine heroes at the Towers. With me was my framed pix of my brother at the Site, an employee of the NTSB. His assignment was to find the flight recorder boxes. His emotional healing continues. One copy of your book was gifted to him. My brother was moved by your tribute and intends to share your stories to his children, his heroes. The Goddesses hands.................
- Nancy Busey Naumann
Grass Valley CA USA

I heard Susan and Mary speak in Sunnyvale, CA on April 17, 2004, purchased their book, and am almost finished reading it. These two women have made a remarkable contribution to feminist literature by gathering women's stories of 9/11. I have great respect, not only for the 30 women who tell their stories, but for Susan and Mary as well.
- Carol Fitting
San Jose CA USA

Your book was absolutely amazing. I still read through it once in a while. The stories were touching,heart-breaking and inspiring all at the same time. The part that was the best I felt though was the in memoriam for Kathy, Moira and Yamel. They made the ultimate sacrifice that day and saved countless lives in the process. I often go to the memorial that the town where Kathy Mazza lived here on Long Island to sit and reflect and remember. I did not know her personally, but I was touched by the story of her life none the less. A wonderful book to be passed down to future generations.
- cathy bassler
lindenhurst ny USA

Great site. Can't wait to get MY copy of the book!!! Should be in my hands within 2-4 days.
- Lt. M. Graham

Here we are, on the 228th anniversary of our mother country, with the third anniversary approaching and the wound is still just as raw, the memories just as fresh took a couple of out of town Medics to both the FDNY and NYPD Hero Memorials yesterday both of whom (they're women not that it matters) were as moved as I continue to be touching the sheilds, and seeing Moira's recovered gunbelt. Moira and Kathy were both something special and I miss them both deeply.
- Terry

I was so touched by the presentation you did for us at Head Start about one year ago, I hve not forgotten you and all the great things you did. I'm sure you touched a lot of people there other than me. I just wanted to say Thank you and keep up the good work!. As for the book I want to save it for my children, so when they are older they can read it and see what a difference a person can make. Thank you!!!!!
- Leticia Urbina
Mendota CA USA

I have just finished reading your book. It was incredible and I thank you. It is so frustrating that in this day and age women are still forgotten. Although I have been a teacher for a number of years, the discipline I am in is still predominately male. I am very keenly aware of women being overlooked. In NY what I teach is called Technology Education, formally called Industrial Arts or "shop" classes. 9/11 had a profound effect on me. I struggled with what to do, needing to do something. We painted an American flag on our front lawn which could be seen from 2 roads - quite large - and kept it there, repainting it, until winter hit. I live in Orange County, which is about 60 miles north of NYC. Many families up here were directly impacted by the loss of a family member. Kenneth Kumpel, a firefighter lost on 9/11, lived here in Cornwall with his family. Many of us helped with his service that fall. In August of 2002, at age 45, I joined the Cornwall-on-Hudson FD as a volunteer firefighter; last September I trained and am now an EMT also. I am always feeling that there is not enough I can do to help people in general. But this I know is one of the best things I have chosen to do. I also know this is what I am doing to deal with 9/11. Giving back to our communities makes sense. Your book struck so many chords with me. As a woman, I know we need to always be there for each other, whether directly or indirectly. I am going to pass the book on to one of our FD junior members who recently turned 18. She is looking to prepare for the FDNY test in a few years. Thank you for taking the time to tell the story. And know that in addition to the women whose stories you told, you too have made a profound difference. Very sincerely, Nancy Bryan
- Nancy Bryan
Cornwall NY USA

Hey, my name is Nastazia and My mom (Nancy Williams/Ramos) was in the book. As a 13 year old Girl it gives me a sense of pride to read and encourage each and every one of these Women who risked their lives.This Book made me realize how much this day changed my mom's life.This book has brought me a closer understanding of what happened not only to my mom but other women who exprienced this. I love this Book and I think parents should read it to their children
- Nastazia Mendoza
New York Ny USA

As a native New Yorker, I will always have a special place in my heart for all those that helped my city recover. What truly jazzed me up after Susan and Mary's lecture was that old feeling that one person CAN make a difference. Their dedication, inspiration and enthusiam were electrifying. My husband and I savored the rest of that evening and our fortunate experience of meeting Susan, Mary and the Women of Ground Zero. I may never see you in person, but I am hugging each of you right now! I am inspired to ask that old question of my youth "How can I help and contribute to the world ". Thank you and many blessing to you all.
- Connie Sullivan
Concord CA USA

I had the pleasure of attending your presentation in September at St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA. To say that it was impactful would be an understatement. Thank you both for such a passionate story, beautiful book and hope for all of us !
- Paige
Walnut Creek CA USA uncle died in 9/11...I'm doing a hero project on Moira if you have any info on can email it if you would be nice. Thanks byebye
- Krista
movin too NYC USA

What a wonderful web site and Book. It is just amazing to me. This has brought tears of sadness, joy and blessing to me. Thank you for this much needed book.
- Barbara Thompson
Williamston MI USA

Susan and Mary, my mom is one of the women you featured in your book. I just wanted to thank you for writing their stories down. Society tends to forget heroes, especially women. Your book gave me insight into what my mom and other women went through that day. She does not share with me what happened that day but I was able to understand why by reading your book. I just want to say THANK YOU for writing down an important part of history that so many have not. And for allowing us to NEVER Forget what happened on Sept. 11th.Christina Whirl
- Christin
Arlington va USA

THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE BRAVE LADIES. Sept 11 moved me so much that I'm now a volunteer bushfire fighter and in training to be a full time fire fighter. This book is the inspiration I needed to remind me why I'm doing this. Thank you again and God bless you all....
- Rowena Oliver
Canberra ACT Australia

This is a letter to the editor I sent after meeting Susan and Mary last night:  It's not everyday you get to hear the story of amazing courage and compassion. Nor is it everyday you actually get to meet the individuals who followed their heart to do what was right without thought of themselves. We don't often think of storytellers as courageous, nor do we think of them as heroes, but Thursday night at the Library, I met two such storytellers, two such heroes. Susan Hagen and Mary Carouba without pause, without a plan and without money flew to New York three weeks after 9/11 to find the invisible heroes that not one picture was taken, not one interview given, not one reference made and who were not acknowledged. These two amazing women left their quaint town of Sebastopol to fly to a place they had never been, to a disaster area a size never before seen in our country, to find the Women of Ground Zero. Their selfless acts of courage and compassion make them heroes to me. Without them these firefighters, police officers, paramedics and EMT technician's stories would never have been told. Heroes come in many forms; the Women of Ground Zero and everyone who helped to save lives that tragic day in our history all deserve honor and acknowledgement. Susan and Mary deserve honor and acknowledgement as well. These amazing women set aside their lives selflessly to tell these stories and like the Women of Ground Zero whose acts were not for glory; Susan and Mary were not seeking glory either .Their actions so clearly demonstrate their compassion and courage. After listening and documenting these stories, they went beyond the call of duty and brought the Women of Ground Zero to California to heal and recover. None of this would have come to pass had it not been for the courage and compassion of Susan and Mary. Telling the story of the women who risked and gave their lives that tragic day reminds us all that women are strong, brave and heroic. They should not be invisible. Please buy their book, Women at Ground Zero. All the profits go to Women in the Fire Service and the National Center for Women and Policing. These storytellers and compassionate souls deserve to be called heroes too! Thank you Susan and Mary!
- Julie Weismann
Pacifica CA USA

Great website
- Jennifer L
Winfield KS USA

Dear Susan and Mary, I saw your interview with Annette Hamm this morning on CH Morning Live and could not believe the number of women who were involved with 9/11. I read your excerpts on this website and am looking forward to purchasing this book. I hope that each and every one of you realizes that Canadian women are also proud of you. Your lives have been forever changed but we, also, have been changed by this tragedy. It makes me appreciate each day. It makes small problems so insignificant and how fortunate we are to be in a democratic country. I am disappointed that I am too far away and unable to hear your presentation at McMaster University . I hope your book is available at bookstores. Take care and God Bless you all, Love Mary
- Mary Barry
Madoc ON Canada

Being in the Fire Service since1976 I have seen a lot of suffering and death. I understand the numbers of those who died. What I can't get my mind around is exactly how many people that is. The best way I can understand the numbers is, the City of Victorville California , where I live had a population of approx. 8,000 when I moved there in 1974. That I can relate to.
- Richard Davis, Fire Captain (Ret.)
Victorville Ca USA

An important perspective too often overlooked: the presence of women - especially in nontraditional jobs for them. We are endeavoring to have the authors (both or singly) come to San Jacinto Valley near Palm Springs to address the American Association of University Women and are looking to seek other cosponsors such as youth groups, library groups and others. Sasha Moore
- Sasha Moore
San Jacinto CA USA

Thank you so much for writing this book. I purchased it at the Michigan Homeland Security Conference after hearing you speak. I would read a little, cry a lot, then read some more. I couldn’t stop until I finished the book. It was just amazing that you could do this for those who give so much of themselves to help others. Thank you again for your persistence.
- Pat Littrell
Monroe MI USA

I recently saw your presentation at the Michigan Homeland Security Conference. Not until then did I notice that the news coverage talked about the men who responded and not the women. Whenever I see, hear or read about those who responded on that day I am moved so deeply, I wish I could do something for them. All of America suffered loss, but these women and men in particular. You were able and did do something for these women and I guess in a way for me. Thank you for telling me their story.
- Dirk Ubbink
Wyoming MI USA

I was so moved by your presentation at the Michigan Homeland Security Conference. I saw both men and women brought to tears by your PowerPoint presentation. Please consider publishing it as well. Love to all the families who lost loved ones on 9-11.
- Dianne Phillips
Holland MI USA

After reading this book, it brought new faces to the 9/11experience. Thank you for showing that not only men but women also gave their lives that day
- Sylvia Martinez
Chino CA USA

Thank you for your book highlighting the wonderful efforts of the women in safety services. I saw/heard about this book on the Oprah show and the book exceeded my expectations!! Thank you!!
- Lisa Hetherington
Hamilton ON Canada